Ep 11 : S, M, L, XL, XXL: What's the Healthy Fit?
The Teenbook PodcastAugust 14, 202200:24:51

Ep 11 : S, M, L, XL, XXL: What's the Healthy Fit?

Body positivity dude! So cool na! Then why worry! Shouldn’t we just eat whatever we want. After all YOLO bro! But wait a minute before you convince yourself happily to that next bite of pizza! And listen to Nutritionist Kavita Devgan on what being healthy really means. She answers all the queries we often have in our heads. Check out the full list below!

  1. Do you agree with these social media trends of plus size and body positivity? Is it not indirectly promoting an unhealthy lifestyle or that being overweight is ok? 
  2. Apart from body weight, what are some of the signs that can tell teens whether they are healthy or unhealthy? (like getting sound sleep etc) 
  3. Why do teens crave so many sweets and junk food items like pizzas, fries, burgers etc and tips to overcome them? 
  4. Teens are dealing with so much stuff - school, tuition, late night studies, stress about exams, career, relationships - aise mein how do they focus on good health?
  5. I am an overweight teen - but I don't have time to join a gym or follow a strict diet - how can I become healthy? 
  6. I am an underweight teen - people make fun of me too! What can I do to gain weight in a healthy way? 

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