Workday Scores!
The Recruitment FlexMarch 01, 202400:38:26

Workday Scores!

This week on TRF we cover:

  • Hear what Serge did with a room of over 100 Recruiters at the Canadian Recruiters Networking Group. All good fun.

  • Tim Sackett composes a hilarious list of HR’s results of Dating at Work, there is always truth in jest. 


  • March 11 Hiring Branch presents, Demystifying Ai and Skills Based Hiring Workshop; send us a DM if you are interested!

  • June 6-9 TA Tech Conference in Washington, DC where we will be the MC’s!

In the News

  • Big acquisitions going down this week, Workday acquires HiredScore and Deel acquires Zavvy. 

  • Canada picks up the pace on post-graduation work permits offering Masters and PhD graduate 3 years to work and hopefully stay.

Tip of the Week

  • Saying NO is a good thing. Never leave candidates hanging, if they are not getting the job, we have a responsibility and professional courtesy to let them know.

Recruiting Insights

  • Harvard & Burning Glass Institute release their findings on the impact of removing degree requirements in job postings. We highlight their key findings. 

  • Centralized vs Decentralized - the Global Candidate Experience Benchmark Report; we deep dive into what TA Teams from around the world are doing and how they are changing.