Unleash America Interview Series
The Recruitment FlexMay 14, 202400:33:37

Unleash America Interview Series

w/Mike Ehrle and Angela Hood

Welcome to a special edition of The Recruitment Flex recorded live from the Unleash America conference. In this episode, we dive deep into the future of HR technology and talent management in 2 separate interviews Mike Ehrle and Angela Hood.

Join us as we explore their innovative approaches to onboarding, retention, and leveraging AI in the HR space.

Interview 1: Mike Ehrle, Click Boarding

Mike Ehrle returns to discuss the latest developments at Click Boarding, focusing on enhancing employee engagement from pre-boarding through retention. Mike shares insights into integrating new retention products, the benefits of partnering with Alight, and the challenges of selling standalone HR solutions in a saturated market.

Key Points:

  • Click Boarding's Core Products: Transition from traditional onboarding to include cross-boarding, off-boarding, and retention solutions.
  • New Retention Initiatives: Insights from their ongoing market traction and the need for embedded solutions rather than standalone products.
  • Partnership with Alight: Discussion on the strategic alliance with Alight to streamline benefits enrollment and enhance the onboarding experience.
  • Future Plans: Upcoming developments, including integration with Microsoft Teams, aiming to simplify corporate software ecosystems.

Interview 2: Angela Hood, This Way Global

Angela Hood, CEO of This Way Global, discusses her company's role at the forefront of AI implementation in HR tech, their approach to removing bias in recruitment processes, and the launch of the Sully Sandbox platform. Angela also reflects on her recognition in the business world and shares her vision for the future of HR technology.

Key Points:

  • This Way Global's Mission: Leveraging AI to enhance fairness and efficiency in hiring across various sectors.
  • Sully Sandbox: A new initiative to help businesses utilize AI and data effectively without needing in-house expertise.
  • Partnership with IBM Watson: Ongoing collaboration and its impact on This Way Global’s operations and market reach.
  • Personal Insights: Angela's reflections on her career, the impact of age in the professional world, and her recognition as a top female founder.