The Recruitment FlexMay 03, 202400:40:18


This week on TRF

  • Recording from the beautiful city of Toronto where we met some of the smartest TA professionals in the Country. Thank you Plum, AMS and for organizing a great dinner.

  • Text message mania, first hand experience with scammers texting job offers and is legitimate recruiters.

In the News

  • LinkedIn is requiring Recruiters to verify their profile - smart move!

  • US bans TikTok and give them 270 days or they are out

Tip of the Week

  • Best practices for in house referral success.

Recruiting Insights

  • Pros and cons of 2 major firms in the UK who publish their interview questions

  • 94% of US business leaders surveyed “Simply wont hire GenZ” Why do they have such high demands in the workplace 

  • We cherry pick thru Hung Lee’s 10 essentials of candidate response rate.