TikTokfication of Employer Brands
The Recruitment FlexMarch 22, 202400:33:55

TikTokfication of Employer Brands

This week on TRF we cover:

  • Love the new car smell. Car manufacturers offer fewer options in the post chip shortage car buying market.

  • Just a little FOMO about Transform held in Las Vegas last week. DuoLingo wins the top spot for employer brand. 

In the News

  • Paradox names Adam Godson as the new CEO. Big congratulations to Adam who started his career as an HR professional and climbed all the way to the top!

  • Employers are optimistic about hiring according to the Q2 US net employment outlook. 

  • Clear winners in revenue increases are Upwork and Fivvr as the traditional job board world all report losses. 

Tip of the Week

  • The flat boring resume dates back to the 1930’s - its time to up our game with more visual documents from the likes of Canva and Enhancv. 

Recruiting Insights

  • With all the concerns of AI threatening to replace workers, we review the list of Top 5’s. Blue collar and white collar jobs that are AI-Proof.

  • Video continues to dominate with over 80% of global internet traffic. TikTok has become the goto platform for younger demographics who crave unique and entertaining ways to communicate your employer brand. 

  • 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer global report proves the power of the Influencer is equal to the trust we have in scientists for telling the truth!