The Robot VS. Shelley
The Recruitment FlexMarch 15, 202400:34:25

The Robot VS. Shelley

This week on TRF we cover:

  • HiringBranch challenged Shelley’s 30 years of recruiting experience against their AI tool, Serge believes the Robot won.

  • Vastly different responses to a Hotel fire alarm at midnight. 

  • The twins turn 5 - HBD!

In the news

  • Canada’s economy added 41,000 jobs and unemployment rose to 5.8%

  • TikTok ban in the US - Influencers & content provider are panicked.

  • 42% of companies with RTO mandates have higher turnover than expected.

Tip Of The Week

  • Nurture your relationship with Hiring Managers, prepare for your intake meeting with data such as: Time to Find, Time to Engage, Competitors recruiting for the same role to have meaningful conversations and set realistic expectations.

Recruiting Insights

  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT dream solution or opening up a nightmare? Is it even legal?

  • Singing their own praises, Coinbase CEO and COO now must approve every hire. We debate the claim of being ground breaking.