The Rise of Good AI w/Adam Godson
The Recruitment FlexApril 16, 202400:36:43

The Rise of Good AI w/Adam Godson

This week on TRF we welcome Adam Godson CEO at Paradox

  • Freshly into his new promotion from President to CEO, Adam is confident this role is perfect for him and for Paradox. 

  • With incredible growth, 90 to 600 employees and 1,000’s of clients, many prestigious brands. Adam shares the simple truth for their success. 

  • Loaded with case studies showcasing outcomes of their clients, 

  • Want fries with your AI? Macdonald’s took their days to hire ratio from 71 to 3 days.

  • Staying true to their core values, Paradox listened to their clients to bring on their own ATS.

  • Olivia, their chatbot, gets better with time. 

  • And we finally understand why they called the company Paradox!