Talent Acquisition Excellence w/Bas Van de Haterd
The Recruitment FlexMarch 05, 2024x
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Talent Acquisition Excellence w/Bas Van de Haterd

TRF feat Bas Van de Haterd Co - Author of Talent Acquisition Excellence. Get it now on Amazon or anywhere you get your books!

We welcome back our favorite Dutchman, Bas. 

  • With 5 books published under his belt, Bas shares his inspiration for a truly global perspective on the TA profession and how partnering with the OG of TA, Kevin Wheeler was the perfect match.

  • Spoiler Alert: There is no connection between formal credentials & on the job performance.

  • RPO is a North American thing

  • Don't bother advertising your job in the Middle East. 

  • The Netherland’s solution to paid job advertising and how they have simplified the background check.

  • An inspirational example of digital recruitment marketing. 

  • Perspective check, Bas debunks the myth that AI will harm hiring.