No Makeup, No Job!
The Recruitment FlexApril 12, 202400:44:32

No Makeup, No Job!

This week on TRF we cover:

  • Blink and we missed it. From our part of the world, there wasn't much fanfare over the solar eclipse. 

  • Fama’s newest product inspired a #MagiOfFit on several channels and gave us a chance to share how hiring the right fit will raise everyone’s game. Leah Sobering was Shelley’s Instant Fit.

In the News

  • Angela Hood named by Inc. as 106 out of the 250 top female founders. Big round of applause for Angela and This Way Global. 

  • Canada’s unemployment rate jumps to 6.1% in March, yet the job numbers remain flat.

  • US Economists are still shaking their heads as 303,000 jobs were added in March plus the unemployment rate edged down to 3.8%

  • 109 young men for every 100 young women in Canada giving us the widest gap in nearly 50 years. Our liberal immigration policy is a key factor. 

Tip of the Week

  • The less talking from the recruiter, the better the interview. Favourite interview question: When were you happiest at work? What were you working on? 

Your only job is to listen.

Recruiting Insight

  • New catch phrase alert: The Great Talent Grab. ZipRecruiter survey reveals incredible growth of new hires reporting they were recruited in. Speculation on why?

  • VP of HR claims she was not moved forward in the hiring process because of her natural appearance, no make-up. 

  • Internal mobility is a belief that the best new talent are those who already work for you. Hiring Managers struggle to get on board with letting their top performers move internally.