Move Fast. Break S***. Burnout.
The Recruitment FlexApril 09, 202400:39:53

Move Fast. Break S***. Burnout.

w/Tracey Lovejoy and Shannon lucas

TRF feat Tracey Lovejoy and Shannon Lucas CoAuthors of Move Fast Break Shit Burn Out

  • Coined in an outdated phrase as Positive Troublemaker Tracey and Shannon have long known they didn't fit the already sized work style categories.

  • The Catalyst is the dot-connector who sees what needs to change and moves into action.

  • They share their research and inspiration for writing this self help book for the Catalyst.

  • Complete with charts, graphs, real life stories and lots of breadcrumbs to identify and support those who bring change into the world. 

  • Great advice for recruiters who need to attract and recruit Catalysts (formerly known as Change Makers)

  • Hiring Managers who need to find the Catalyst in their organization and how to tips in supporting them. 

  • Tracey and Shannon have become co-CEOs of their own company & support systems called Catalyst Constellations. Check it out!