GenZ's Fearful of AI
The Recruitment FlexFebruary 16, 202400:38:06

GenZ's Fearful of AI

This week on TRF:

  • Research takes on a whole new meaning as Serge prepped for co-hosting on the Chad & Cheese podcast. 

  • Famous by 8, Mallory gets a big round of applause and a Taylor Swift hoodie.

  • Lucky 13 and the power of Swifty nation dominated social media speculation after the Super Bowl. 

In the News

  • shares positive news

  • GenZ and not Baby Boomers are most afraid of AI, some fatherly advice from Serge to GenZ.

  • Bell Canada cuts 4,800 job even when they had revenue growth in Q4/23, there is more to this headline

Tip of the Week

  • Reverse engineer your TA metrics. Define the problem first, then the metrics. 

Recruiting Insights

  • Chocolate for TA Professionals, the Appcast 2024 Recruitment Benchmark Report.

Interesting facts: 

  1. Mobile applications are still dominate yet they drop by 5% in 2023
  2. Job titles need to be short & straight forward
  3. Job seeker action picked up with higher apply rates
  4. Recruiting costs declined across all job functions EXCEPT gig

  • Career change or industries to pursue in recruitment, we list the top 10

  • Quality of Hire, don't give up yet, just take a simple approach. One job at a time.