Flourish & Thrive w/Jason Putnam
The Recruitment FlexMay 21, 202400:35:22

Flourish & Thrive w/Jason Putnam

The SCOOP! Plum is launching Thrive & Flourish

Knowing that 68% of hard skills wont exist in the next few years, TA and Talent Management need tools to ensure their people are in the right job.

  • Jason reveals what PLUM scientists have been hard at work on 

  • PLUM Flourish the free assessment for job seekers will now offer career mapping

  • For the ELT with vision to lead their company, PLUM Thrive introduces Culture Mapping

  • To address the culture gap, Talent Management now has the technology to align hard skills and soft skills in just over 8 minutes!

  • 230% growth in 2 years - PLUM is the overnight success that took 12 years to build!