The Recruitment FlexMay 24, 202400:42:08


This week on TRF we cover:

  • Shelley enters the exclusive club, 60 is the new 50!

  • Countdown to TATech June 4-6 in Washington DC. 

In the News

  • ChatGPT4o has some impressive upgrades. Check out the Tutor function

  • ZipRecruiter has bad news and good news, earnings are down but free cash flow is healthy.

  • The backlash was swift when Shopper’s Drug Mart posted a job ad looking for volunteers to stock shelves - unpaid! 

  • SeekOut lays off 30% of its workforce to reduce costs after spending $2 to make $1. 

  • HireEZ launches their Sourcing Hub as a one-stop-shop for Sourcers that will leverage job board partners.

Tip of the Week

  • Your company career page is a window into your organization and its time to clean the windows. Its part of the candidate journey and pretty important to keep fresh.

Recruiting Insights

  • Bias against Entrepreneurs; former business owners were 35% less likely to get an interview. 

  • Dell takes a sharp turn from supporting work flexibility to color-coded rating based on your attendance under the veiled threat of getting on the lay off list. 

  • Plus is GenZ responsible for return to office mandates