Chatbot Gone Wrong
The Recruitment FlexFebruary 23, 202400:35:51

Chatbot Gone Wrong

This week on TRF we cover:

  • We may need to call for a security escort after Serge presents at the CRNG event in Calgary. On one hand for the riots that may ensue and on the other hand, the ladies who will be storming the stage. 

  • Work assignments gone wild. We rip into Eight Sleep for thinking getting hired by them is like an audition for SNL - Saturday Night Live is notorious for stealing comic’s material in their auditions. 

In The News

  • Air Canada tries to blame their own chatbot for giving out the wrong information to a customer. The ruling was watched around the world and is a clear indication that companies will be held accountable for their rogue chatbots!

  • Indeed will be the headline partner for RecFest UK and RecFest USA. A little late to the party but the wallet is open.

  • CRA clarifies how employers must determine the province of employment for remote workers.

Tip Of The Week

  • If your interview process is greater than 3, take this as your warning, the company you are recruiting for is dysfunctional .

Recruiting Insights

  • Mercer gives us the measuring stick for how big your TA team should be. 

  • We arent making this up, job search is rigged. We pull back the covers on how companies are behaving badly.