Raj Gyawali: Social Tours
The Postcard Travel ShowMay 18, 2023x
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Raj Gyawali: Social Tours

For Raj Gyawali, the founder of Social Tours, the beyuls of Nepal, or “hidden valleys” offer up a metaphor for the hidden valleys within us we’re yet to explore. 

Raj passionately designs tailor-made itineraries, inviting explorers to embark on transformative journeys through the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal. What sets his endeavor apart is that the proceeds from these tours directly contribute to social development initiatives for the local communities. He embraces responsible tourism in its truest form and in this episode, he speaks to host Elizabeth Drolet to take you through the hidden valleys and hidden adventures in Nepal. This episode is packed with rich stories and discoveries from Raj’s experience. We hope you enjoy this episode of the Postcard Travel Show. 

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