Mark Gilroy - Averting Loss Aversion In Hiring

Mark Gilroy - Averting Loss Aversion In Hiring

Is fear of change or loss aversion impacting hiring?

After seeing Mark Gilroy’s fabulous YouTube video about change, (not the one where he’s singing that song ;) ), I wanted to know more and how recruiters can influence change. 

A self-confessed professional psychology geek, Mark & I had a fascinating conversation that will help recruiters & hiring leaders partner better!

We talked about:

  • let’s stop pathologising change and reframe change in the right language
  • the pandemic showing us that change isn’t hard! 
  • change accompanies by loss is the real issue
  • rational thinking vs. primal more emotional responses
  • winning hiring manager conversations by talking about loss aversion
  • sunk cost fallacy and the Ikea effect, and how this impact recruitment remorse
  • choosing your language around change with care
  • measuring optimism, energy, and level of fault-finding at the start

Grab a cuppa, pen and paper and settle in! ✍🏻

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