Lee Andrese - Rejected Candidates Matter Most

Lee Andrese - Rejected Candidates Matter Most

Yes, rejected candidates really do matter most!

The moment I saw Lee Andrese, write, "Dear Hiring Managers & Leaders - YOU are the candidates. Ghosting candidates after they've spent SIX HOURS with you? Shame on you." I knew I had to know more. Lee was sharing a job seeker's post and she was encouraging job seeker's to choose wisely!

With years of experience in the recruiting profession, Lee is now a Learning & Development Leader, creating best in class recruiters at Onward Search. Tune into our fabulous conversation and you'll hear:

  • How rejected candidates hear ‘no’ matters! And it’s costing you. 
  • Why recruiters need to be selective over the brands they represent
  • Ensuring you work for a company that you can support wholeheartedly
  • How changing an outbound message, can change the entire experience.
  • What it costs you when you let your company or client ghost a C-suite candidate
  • Making feedback of benefit to the person delivering it! 
  • How to tackle those dreadful no feedback policies. 

Grab a cuppa, pen and paper and settle in! ✍🏻

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