Ramsdale Has Been Demoted!
The Corner FlagSeptember 26, 202300:55:37

Ramsdale Has Been Demoted!

A Gameweek that saw a BUNCH of goals, but still, surprisingly, it was the goalkeepers who had a good show! 

Mikel Arteta kept his faith in David Raya for the North London derby, thus cementing Aaron Ramsdale's position as backup keeper. Ramsdale's dad had some interesting things to say to Jamie Carragher about it though...

A 2-2 draw definitely is a better result for Postecoglu's Spurs than it is for the Gunners, and we can see how they're now a team that don't know what their ceiling is anymore, which is dangerous for their opponents. 

Meanwhile, United managed to get a hard fought victory over Burnley, Everton got their first 3 points of the season and Chelsea continue to fail to score! \

And not to forget, the Indian Super League is back! Amogh and Aakarsh also round up Mumbai City FC's opener against North East United!

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