The Can Do WayAugust 24, 2022x
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Can Do Coffee Chat with Alison Bladh, Nutritional Therapist and Beauty Therapist

In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Alison Bladh, Nutritional Therapist and Beauty Therapist who lives in the wilds of Sweden after falling for the charms of a Viking man!

Having worked in the health and wellness industry of over 30 years specializing in menopausal women’s health, Alison now runs her own online clinic - helping women worldwide manage the negative symptoms of menopause. Her mission is to support her clients with bespoke changes to diet, health, and lifestyle so they can harness their hormones and get their confidence and sparkle back. 

Inspired by the natural lifestyle of her childhood, be vitalized by Alison’s curious Can Do story.

Listen for Alison’s Can Do tips:

  1. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Say YES to something you feel uncomfortable about.
  2. Believe in yourself for a full life experience.
  3. Learn a new hobby.