The Big StoryMarch 08, 2021
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Women’s Day 2021: Reflecting on the Past Year Through Stories

A focal point in the women’s right movement is International Women’s Day, a day which has served both as a day of protest in some of parts of the world and a celebration in others.

This past year we have seen the crucial leadership roles that women have played in the ongoing farmers agitation at the borders of the capital, which recently crossed its 100-day mark. We also witnessed the landmark Priya Ramani verdict, which scored a victory for the #MeToo movement in India and the workplace rights for women.

As part of The Quint’s Women’s Day 2021 coverage, in a special series called “Her Pandemic Diary”, we asked women to take a pause and reflect on their journey this past year, which both anecdotal accounts and research shows women are among those 'worst affected' by the 'new normal.'

So for today’s special episode, instead of trying to understand what this day means for women, we are going to try and take a look at where women stand in India by giving a platform to them to speak about their daily lives, their struggles and also highlight the landmark judgments passed in the last year.

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