Why Varavara Rao’s Treatment Raises Questions on Civil Liberties
The Big StoryNovember 20, 2020
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Why Varavara Rao’s Treatment Raises Questions on Civil Liberties

The Bombay High Court finally allowed 80-year-old Varavara Rao to be shifted from Taloja Jail to Nanavati Hospital for 15 days for medical treatment on 18 November.

Senior advocate, Indira Jaisingh who is representing Rao in this matter appealed to the court seeking medical bail for Rao on the basis of Section 437 of the CrPC, which allows for releasing sick people and noted the detention of Varavara Rao was "cruel, inhuman and degrading" and violated provisions of Article 21 of the Constitution.

Jaising said that his death may be inevitable, but his exit must be “dignified”... to which the HC court bench noted, “Ultimately, the man is on almost death bed. He needs some treatment. Can the state say no we will treat him in Taloja? We are only saying transfer him to Nanavati for two weeks. We will further see after two weeks.”

But why did it take so much active intervention in order for Rao to be treated and transferred to Nanavati Hospital? At a time of a pandemic are states acting responsibly with prisoners? Tune in to The Big Story!

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