Why Controversy Around the Central Vista Project Refuses to Die
The Big StoryMay 18, 202100:19:16

Why Controversy Around the Central Vista Project Refuses to Die

Defying all criticisms, construction work for the controversial Central Vista Re-development project has been going on in Delhi through the thick of the pandemic. This 2.8-billion-rupee worth project which has been touted by critics as the Modi government's "vanity project”, is going on under what the government has defined as "essential services".

The project involves construction of a new parliament and revamping the North and South blocks of Lutyens Delhi which requires tearing down some iconic government buildings that form a part of Delhi's historical narrative.

While initial legal battles to stop this project was unsuccessful as the Supreme Court gave its green signal, now there is another petition that is being heard at the Delhi High Court that seeks to temporarily halt the construction activities owing to the pandemic.

The Centre it seems had been continuing the construction work through Delhi's lockdown period, on the condition that all labourers are staying on-site. However, a ground report by The Quint that was brought on record at the High Court as well, found out that there are several construction workers in fact, who stay off site and travel to work every day.

Although the petitioners have raised concerns over the impact of this move on the construction workers and Delhi's Covid situation, the Centre has called the PIL a "facade" and an attempt to stall the project.

Even as the Delhi High Court order is pending, let's deep dive into what makes the government's ambitious project a contentious one, and what concerns and objections do historians and conservationists have around it.

Producer and Host: Shorbori Purkayastha
Guest: AGK Menon, Architect, Urban planner and Conservation consultant
Reporter: Asmita Nandy
Editor: Shelly Walia

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