What is the Russia-Ukraine ICJ Case And Is Prez Putin Likely to Stand Trial?
The Big StoryMarch 08, 2022
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What is the Russia-Ukraine ICJ Case And Is Prez Putin Likely to Stand Trial?

In response to Russia’s growing incursion and attacks, Ukraine has now taken the legal route and brought the issue front and center of the United Nations highest court—the International Court of Justice— on 7 March, urging the judges to issue an injunction demanding Putin to end the invasion. 

At the ICJ, the Ukrainian delegation accused Moscow of putting “millions in dangers” and for defiling the Genocide Convention by falsely claiming that Ukraine was committing genocide against Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine as one of the pretexts for its invasion.

However, not surprisingly, Russia did not show up for the hearing on Monday, effectively boycotting the hearing. 

Apart from this, thirty-nine countries have also referred the ongoing crisis in Ukraine to the International Criminal Court, a separate entity that has the power to investigate genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. This court has now opened an investigation. However, it is important to note that both Ukraine and Russia are not signatories of the ICC thus putting a question on how effective an ICC investigation will be. 

Further, Russia’s absence at the ICJ also casts doubt over the extent to which international legal mechanisms can be effective. But the biggest question here is- how likely is President Vladimir Putin or anyone else involved in the invasion of Ukraine to stand trial? 

To understand exactly how the ICJ and ICC work and the legal remedies that Ukraine possibly has, joining me today is Vakasha Sachdev, The Quint’s Legal Editor.

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