TN Elections: DMK-Cong, AMMK-AIMIM In Awkward Huddle Over Alliance Talks
The Big StoryMarch 09, 202100:23:46

TN Elections: DMK-Cong, AMMK-AIMIM In Awkward Huddle Over Alliance Talks

VK Sasikala’s sudden decision to step away from politics on 3 March, which rattled both the ruling AIADMK and other political parties in Tamil Nadu, seems to have no visible impact as such on her nephew, TTV Dhinakaran, the leader for the AMMK, who on 8 March announced a new ally in its folds-Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Mr Dhinakaran stated that “nothing could stop him” and is hoping to cause a dent in the AIADMK vote bank with the new AIMIM alliance. 

While the ruling AIADMK has allied with the BJP and PMK and there seem to be no visible signs of a tussle in the partnership, the same cannot be said for the DMK and its strongest ally, the Indian National Congress. 

Tough negotiations between the DMK and the Congress have been consistent since the seat-sharing talks began in late February 2021, with DMK not budging away from their goal to contest in 180 out 234 seats in the assembly polls and providing their allies with the minority vote count. 

According to media reports, the talks even escalated to the extent of the Tamil Nadu Congress chief KS Alagiri breaking down during a meeting of the party’s state executive committee because the DMK is not respecting the Congress party and its position in the state enough. 

So in today’s episode, we will focus on the two alliances-which is the AMMK and AIMIM and DMK-Congress and their internal dynamics, what is their campaign strategy, and what does the road ahead look like in the state assembly polls. 

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