The 'Tandav' of 13 FIRs: Discussing Aparna Purohit's SC Hearing
The Big StoryMarch 05, 2021
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The 'Tandav' of 13 FIRs: Discussing Aparna Purohit's SC Hearing

Amazon Prime's Tandav, a nine-episode political thriller, began streaming online in mid January and ever since its release, it has received backlash from different parts of the country, especially in the form of 13 FIR’s filed against Aparna Purohit, Amazon Prime Video's India creative head, the creators of the show and the cast.

The Supreme Court on 5 March granted interim protection from arrest to Aparna Purohit, stating that she will not be arrested provided she cooperates with the investigation.

But earlier on 25 February, an Allahabad High Court single-judge bench rejected the anticipatory bail plea filed by Purohit for allegedly “promoting religious enmity” through the show and further stating in its 20-page order that and I quote “the conduct of the applicant shows that she has scant respect for the law of the land and her conduct further disentitles her to any relief from this court."

So for today’ episode, we will go through what the entire Tandav case is about, what the Allahabad High Court judgement said, what the SC ruling was today and whats next for the case.

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