Part 2: Hits and Misses of NEP Reforms for Higher Education
The Big StoryJuly 31, 2020
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Part 2: Hits and Misses of NEP Reforms for Higher Education

Indian education is going to see some sweeping changes being made to its current structure thanks to the New Education Policy or the NEP 2020.

For schools, the NEP aims to move away from the idea of rote learning and high stakes board exams and focus more on an experiential and skill based learning.

For higher education it’s almost a comprehensive revamp of the current structure that includes dismantling regulators of higher education such as the UGC, AICTE and NCTE and bringing back the four-year multidisciplinary undergraduate programme.

But the NEP is only a broad vision, it's a long term plan that will easily take the next couple of decades if not more to implement. The Ministry of Education has set itself a deadline to bring all these suggested changes by 2040 but, in the meantime, it's going through some scrutiny.

While the general perception has been positive, it's worth breaking down the NEP to see its hits and misses.

What does the NEP do for public education? What can the re-introduction of FYUP mean for students? And are the policies advancing towards privatisation of higher education? Tune in to The Big Story!

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