Meet The Quint’s Reporters Behind the Challenging Stories of 2020
The Big StoryDecember 30, 202000:20:55

Meet The Quint’s Reporters Behind the Challenging Stories of 2020

The 2020 news cycle without any doubt will be an unforgettable year full of unexpected cataclysmic events.

Started with the North East Delhi riots in February, plunged right into a pandemic in March, took a sharp turn into an appalling migrant exodus crisis seen in the highways around cities in April triggered by unemployment. As the infections rose across India once the lockdown got lifted, so did an acute shortage of hospital beds in most cities, along with fake news, misinformation, and a growing stigma around the virus.

While super cyclone Amphan rocked Kolkata in May, the horrific custodial deaths of father-son duo Bennicks and Jeyaraj in Tuticorin in the month of June and the gangrape of a Dalit woman in Hathras that got reported in late September shook the very core of humanity.

And as this long year finally ends with the ongoing farmers' protest against the Centre's agricultural legislations, one can safely say that nothing but this year itself could have prepared journalists on how to go about reporting in these challenging times.

Pursuing facts and the truth becomes crucial in a crisis and The Quint's reporters dived right into the middle of all these incidents that summed up 2020 to bring you people's voices and the ground reality behind every story. In this episode of The Big Story meet the quint's reporters who brought you the stories that matter.

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