Is the BJP-JDU Alliance in Bihar Showing Signs of Discord?
The Big StoryDecember 28, 2020
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Is the BJP-JDU Alliance in Bihar Showing Signs of Discord?

Although the parties are still in an alliance in the state, recent reports from the JDU's national executive committee are triggering speculations about a growing rift between the allies.

As Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar picked Ramachandra Prasad Singh to lead the party in the meeting , he reportedly made a pretty strong statement and said that he had no desire to become the CM but had to continue with the responsibilities due to pressures.

What is interesting to point out, is that this statement comes barely a week after six JDU MLAs defected to the BJP where the party is in opposition, leaving the JDU with all but one remaining MLA in the state.

Even as Renu Devi, one of the Deputy CMs from BJP in Bihar asserted that her party had not poached the JDU MLAs, after the JDU meet party spokesperson KC Tyagi said that such activities are not good signs in any alliance.

What is the JDU hinting at? Tune in!

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