How Was The First Day of Unlock 1.0 in Malls & Places of Worship?
The Big StoryJune 08, 2020
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How Was The First Day of Unlock 1.0 in Malls & Places of Worship?

After almost two and a half months of being shut down, places of worship, malls and also restaurants are re-opening in most states with strict protocols, in the first phase of unlocking or what is being called "Unlock 1.0".

But the timing couldn’t be worse. As public places are reopening in a calibrated manner, India is also fast climbing its way to the list of the most affected countries by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although India is reporting an exponential rise in cases, the Health Ministry has said that around 48.20 per cent patients have recovered so far. There’s also an acknowledgment that the focus cannot just be "containing" the transmission now, it would need to be "learning how to live alongside coronavirus" with precautions.

So, it is under these critical circumstance that Unlock 1.0 comes.

How is the first day of re-opening of malls and places of worship looking like? Are people feeling confident about stepping out? Tune in to The Big Story!

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