Decoding the Crypto Tax — What Does it Mean for Investors?
The Big StoryFebruary 02, 202200:17:28

Decoding the Crypto Tax — What Does it Mean for Investors?

While experts are still weighing in on the hits and misses of Budget 2022 that was presented on 1 February, for a lot of India's millennials it's the government's plans for cryptocurrencies that they have waiting for.

India's crypto market, as we know, has been swarming with a lot of young investors and the market seems to be growing. But a few months back, news of the government planning to prohibit all private cryptocurrencies in a new bill had left many worried about their investments on digital currencies for the last few months.

However, with a new crypto tax regime the recent budget does offer some clarity on what government intends to do with cryptocurrencies.

While taxing digital currencies doesn't necessarily mean that government has legalised crypto, what is it that the government is indicating? Does it mean that it's warming upto cryptocurrencies? Does it mean that the ban is off the table? And the biggest question of all — what do these new announcements mean for investors?

Explaining the fine print of it all in this episode will be CoinCrunch CEO Naimish Sanghvi. We'll also hear snippets of lawyers Badri Narayanan and Vivek Gupta's conversation with the BloombergQuint where they talk about the gray areas of these announcements.

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