Can Munger Violence Spell More Trouble for JDU in Remaining Polls?
The Big StoryOctober 30, 2020
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Can Munger Violence Spell More Trouble for JDU in Remaining Polls?

The last phase of Durga puja festivities plunged into chaos in Munger — a city in Bihar after it witnessed mob violence and arson attacks against the administration.

This was in protest of what happened four days earlier on 26 October, when 21-year-old Anurag Poddar died and a dozen injured amid a clash over a delay in Durga Puja idol immersion. While locals allege police opened fire at devotees, the police denied firing and alleged the shots were fired by anti-social elements from within the crowd.

But three days after his demise and just a day after the first phase of Bihar elections wrapped up, violence erupted in the city, as residents vandalised at least three police stations, Purabsarai, Mufassil, and Vasudeopur. This prompted the Election Commission to immediately remove SP Lipi Singh and DM Rajesh Meena and appoint a new SP and DM.

Given the timing of the incident anger and uproar over the incident has also taken political undertones, so is it likely to impact the remaining phases and the outcome of Bihar election?


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