Are Blockades at Farmer Protest Sites Needed and Legal?
The Big StoryFebruary 04, 2021
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Are Blockades at Farmer Protest Sites Needed and Legal?

Unlike the regular mobile barricades set up by the police to restrict foot traffic, vehicle movement, the police blockades at Ghazipur, Singhu and Tikri, where scores of farmers are currently protesting, are more permanent in nature.

Apart from the internet shutdown that was imposed after the Red Ford violence, video footage and photographs from these areas now show cement walls being constructed, spike wire on top of steel obstacles, iron nails bolted to the road to prevent advancement.

But the barricading has also led to larger consequences. It has been reported that these barricades have cut off farmers access to water and sanitation facilities, which they had access to previously.

But is this level of blockade legal? Do they violate any human rights law? Are barricades of this scale necessary and what do the farmers feel about them?

Producer and Host: Himmat Shaligram
Dr N C Asthana, who is a retired Indian Police Service officer,
Vakasha Sachdev, The Quint’s Legal Editor,
Shadab Moizee, Senior Correspondent for Quint Hindi 
And voice of protesters from Ghazipur.
Editor: Shelly Walia

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