EP 32: “I don’t play golf” with Sam Balsara
Taking ChancesJuly 06, 202300:43:03

EP 32: “I don’t play golf” with Sam Balsara

Sam Balsara, has near 50 years’ experience in marketing and advertising, of which the last 34 years have been entrepreneurial. Sam has served as President or Chairman of almost every Industry body in the country.

The Economic Times Brand Equity Ad Agency Reckoner ranks Sam as "India's Most Influential Media Person" for 11 years. Sam is also the recipient of the Advertising Agencies Association of India's Lifetime Achievement Award, Ad Club of Kolkata's Hall of Fame Award and has entered the International Advertising Association’s (IAA) Hall of Fame. Over the past 34 years, Madison has grown to become India's largest Indian owned communications company.

In this episode, Sam talks about his journey, the chances he takes and the importance of integrity.

This is Taking Chances.