EP 30: “Everything is out of syllabus” with Varun Duggirala
Taking ChancesFebruary 13, 202300:45:22

EP 30: “Everything is out of syllabus” with Varun Duggirala

Varun Duggirala is one of the leading conversationalist in business, personal development and creator landscape. He co-founded "The Glitch" in 2009 and has since helped grow it to be one of the leading creative agencies in the country (Global AD Giant WPP acquired it in 2018).

He hosts one of India's most popular business podcast, 'Advertising is dead', and co-hosts one of the most irreverent business podcast, "Think Fast". He shares ways to optimise your mindset to perform better in life on his thrice a week podcast series “Take a Pause” with Varun Duggirala & writes a weekly newsletter "Unschooled".

His first book “Everything is out of syllabus” came out in February 2022 and hit No.1 on the creativity & entrepreneurship best-seller charts on launch.

A propagator of the slow growth life while optimising for happiness and performance , he constantly shares his fatherhood & fitness journey with the world. He is also always open to having a conversation about anything ( literally everything)!