EP 26: Creating Queeristan with Parmesh Shahani

EP 26: Creating Queeristan with Parmesh Shahani

Soela JoshiSoela JoshiCo-Host

Our guest today is an author, public speaker, culture curator, and inclusion advocate - Parmesh Shahani. He is the author of Queeristan - an award winning book about LGBTQ inclusion in the Indian work space.

Parmesh has a career that has spanned academia, media and the corporate world -  including founding India’s first youth expression website, editing fashion and lifestyle magazines, setting up a media convergence think tank at MIT and a lot more. A Ted Senior Fellow and a Yale World Fellow, he has done and continues to do a lot to serve the community and to create a better and inclusive country.

In this episode he shoots straight from the hip and speaks his mind about diversity and inclusion, the LGBTQ situation in India and the role  of family, law, the community itself and society at large in making the world a more empathetic and accepting place.

This is Taking Chances.

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