EP 22: Print is not dead with James Hewes
Taking ChancesFebruary 01, 2022x
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EP 22: Print is not dead with James Hewes

In this episode we speak to the President and CEO of FIPP James Hewes, who having worked with some of the best media companies and magazine brands in the world, knows print media inside out.

Having held various positions in his 12-years at the BBC, most notably leading the international development of the magazines business, he was also the Publishing Director for Top Gear, Good Food, Easy Cook and Lonely Planet Magazine and a Director of BBC Haymarket Exhibitions. He has also worked with Gulf News Publishing running more than 30 products.

He sits on various boards, is an Advisor to Dojoko, an education-focused start-up and the Founder & CEO of Soho Consulting

In this episode he talks about the value of print publishing and its challenges, the need for adaptability and what FIPP is doing to show the path ahead.

This is Taking Chances.

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