EP 16: Nurturing a Legacy with Polina Bosca
Taking ChancesSeptember 18, 202100:50:36

EP 16: Nurturing a Legacy with Polina Bosca

Our guest today is an Italian winemaker who calls India her second home - Polina Bosca.

She is a 6th generation member of the 190 year old Bosca wine company in Canelli where she heads R&D and multiple other functions. 

Polina has given life to many a new flavours. Anyone who has had Dia wine from the Sula stable in India will have tasted one of her many creations. 

 In this episode she talks to us about her vision to take the company to new heights across generations, her challenges, the importance of family and why she loves India so much.

Innovation and invention are very important. You have to keep giving the consumer new experiences - she says.

That is Taking Chances.

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