Ishratein khatra hai.. Dariya mein fanaah ho jana..

Dard ka had se guzarna hai.. Dawa ho jaana...

عشرت خطرا ہے دریا میں فنا ہو جانا

درد کا حد سے گزرنا ہے دوا ہو جانا

इशरत-ए-क़तरा है दरिया में फ़ना हो जाना

दर्द का हद से गुज़रना है दवा हो जाना


Our 4th episode is dedicated to Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib.

Aao Mehfi Sajayein

آؤ محفل سجائیں

आओ महफ़िल सजाएं ।


"Mirza Ghalib" is the one that needs no introduction. He is the last of the great Delhi poets and is the first of the great modern poets. This episode will take the listeners to the world of his beautiful, soulful poetries soaked in romance, pain and peace. 


Disclaimer -

This show is based on Urdu poets for infotainment purposes only. Any names, characters, places & incidents are not intended to defame, malign, slander or hurt or be disrespectful to any person(s), nation, state, individual(s), caste, religion, religious sentiments, beliefs or feelings of any person(s). The show does not promote smoking or drinking. Listener's discretion is advised.