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Why Testing Is Gonna Be Fun: F1 2021 Pre-Season

Yes, Formula 1 is back! In no time, it'll be time for pre-season testing and in this Pits to PodiumInside Line F1 Podcast exclusive, Soumil and Kunal tell you exactly why it's gonna be fun! /

Of course, you know the obvious - ten teams, three days and one circuit (Bahrain and not Barcelona, mind you!). But there's more - it's the new team-driver pairings, the debutants and the new liveried cars modified to fit the 2021 regulations. And then there's Mclaren-Mercedes.

Finally, what about the performance parameters? Here's what we suggest - through pre-season testing, track lap times between the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix and the F1 2021 pre-season test. We might get a few hints there (mainly, the lap time lost due to change in aero regulations).

By the time we conclude the first Grand Prix of F1 2021 (also in Bahrain), we will have a lot of comparative data to make fairly accurate assumptions about the difference in car performances for all teams between this year and the last.

Also, which team do you think will go for a 'PR lap'? Write to us via our Facebook page.

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