The Annual Max Verstappen Fan Meet - 2023 Dutch GP Preview
Inside Line F1 PodcastAugust 23, 202300:20:37

The Annual Max Verstappen Fan Meet - 2023 Dutch GP Preview

It can't get bigger than this! The annual Max Verstappen fan meet, also known as the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix, will be the biggest Max Verstappen celebration at a race venue till date.

Will Max Verstappen continue his dominant run (duh!) or can someone challenge him this weekend? Zandvoort comes closest to downforce sensitivity after Budapest and Monaco. If those races are anything to go by, the Dutch Grand Prix should be a closely fought battle, at least on Saturday.

How close will the drivers be in Q1? Zandvoort is also the second-shortest circuit after Monaco. And it's got a short-tight pit lane (13 second time loss); the pit lane speed limit is lowered to 60 kmph.

'Momentum' will be the key talk this weekend, after a three weekend long summer break. Who will hit peak momentum again and who might take time? Let's see how they roll in Zandvoort; 10 races in 13 weeks is a busy time, so early momentum picking would be key.

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(Season 2023, Episode 43)

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