Newey, Sprint, Celebrities, Alonso Penalty? 2024 Miami GP Preview
Inside Line F1 PodcastApril 28, 202400:36:19

Newey, Sprint, Celebrities, Alonso Penalty? 2024 Miami GP Preview

Could Fernando Alonso get a penalty yet again? He's had 2 in the first 5 races of the 2024 Formula 1 season...for "racing" his rivals on-track.

This race, last year - was when Max Verstappen engaged "God" mode.

He's never had pole position in Miami, but has won both the races held here. The weather is expected to be hot and humid - could Verstappen score yet another pole position, race win, fastest lap...and also, the fastest pit stop of the race? Red Bull Racing is operating on a different level than the others.

We expect Red Bull Racing's "politics" to also hit a new peak this weekend. After much silence in the Austral-Asian rounds, Adrian Newey reportedly wants to leave Red Bull Racing for "personal" races / moral grounds in the aftermath of the Christian Horner misconduct saga.

Will Newey actually GO or is he doing what Helmut Marko did a few races ago - report an exit via the media only to then have the owners of Red Bull stage a public "comeback" confirmation? Already, the three pillars of Red Bull Racing - Christian Horner, Helmut Marko and Adrian Newey, have all had their own stories of leaving/staying with the World Champion team in only the first 5 races of the season.

Audi's first-ever signing in Formula 1 is Nico Hulkenberg. Who will their second driver be? And is signing Nico the best step forward for Audi? We expect the "driver silly season" to be another key talking point this weekend, which btw, also happens to be a back-to-back "F1 Sprint" race weekend.

In this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, Soumil Arora and Kunal Shah look forward to the F1 Sprint and Grand Prix in Miami. They discuss stats, facts and fun trends that have emerged from the first 5 races of the season. 

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(Season 2024, Episode 18)

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