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FIA-sco for Max Verstappen's F1 title again - 2022 Japan GP Review

Congratulations to Max Verstappen & Red Bull Racing! 

But did the FIA mess up another title-winning race & season for Max Verstappen? It seems that only the FIA knew what rules were in play, which apparently, seem to have been a loophole they didn't know they had written!

What does Max Verstappen need to do to win a title cleanly? WHAT IF the 2022 Japanese GP was a title-deciding race between Verstappen and Charles Leclerc? Oh yes, LEC made a mistake under pressure, lest we forget.

Other topics in this episode - Esteban Ocon vs. Lewis Hamilton, why could Hamilton not overtake? And why this battle is what Formula 1 should be like. Why was Fernando Alonso displeased despite a strong race full of overtaking moves on track? Also, welcome to the points for Nicholas Latifi. Tune in!

(Season 2022, Episode 61)

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