Brundle vs Celebrities, Taylor Swift - 2023 Miami GP Preview
Inside Line F1 PodcastMay 03, 2023x
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Brundle vs Celebrities, Taylor Swift - 2023 Miami GP Preview

Martin Brundle's 'Grid Walk' at the Miami Grand Prix - that's definitely going to entertain. What else?

Could Taylor Swift be one among many celebrities who attend the race in Miami?

The marina, has real water, apparently. Also, remember, Sebastian Vettel's message from last year? 'Miami 2060: 1st Grand Prix underwater'

Also, the Miami Grand Prix is one of few races that start 30 mins into the hour (or at the start of the hour) depending on your timezone. Btw, there's expected to be a boxing-style announcer for every driver's entry this weekend. 

Could the resurfaced track mean another 'tyre management' race? Will Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen be evenly matched given that the Miami International Autodrome is half-street, half-regular circuit? Sergio Perez has another rare chance to score his career-first back-to-back wins in Formula 1.

Tune in to listen to Soumil and Kunal's banter in this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast. @f1statsguru aka Sundaram shares his stats preview for the upcoming race.

(Season 2023, Episode 19)

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