Andretti hijacks the 2023 Qatar GP Preview
Inside Line F1 PodcastOctober 04, 202300:40:41

Andretti hijacks the 2023 Qatar GP Preview

We expect discussions and dissonance around Andretti's entry in Formula 1 to hijack all stories from the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix, including Max Verstappen's impending 3rd Formula 1 World Championship.

But does Formula 1 need an 11th team? We're split in our judgment and opinion. On sporting grounds, we agree that an 11th team will do wonders for Formula 1 and upcoming young talent. But from a business perspective, it's tricky - that's where we had peak disagreement despite having no vested interests in Andretti's entry. 

Why should the existing 10 teams agree to devalue their business? Why is Andretti interested in Formula 1 only now? Is the FIA pressurising Liberty Media to enter into an agreement with Andretti by making their (acceptance) stance public? Lots of interesting discussions that will hopefully give you a better understanding of the messy situation that Formula 1 faces with Andretti.

And of course, this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast is also the official preview episode for the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix. A sprint race weekend, a fast-flowy circuit, and is resurfaced, re-kerbed and will offer a challenge via different track temperatures and of course, the first time running of the ground-effect cars.

Will Ferrari's better tyre degradation prevail? Is Mercedes' claim that Ferrari have better tyre degradation since the summer break true? Will McLaren continue to eat into Aston Martin's points gap to 4th place? We reckon McLaren will continue to be the team closest to Red Bull Racing this weekend, too. 

A new circuit, different challenges...and lots of sports washing.

Tune in!

(Season 2023, Episode 53)

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Image courtesy: Andretti Global Cadillac