The Skills Mismatch In Hiring
HR Collection PlaylistMarch 26, 2024
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The Skills Mismatch In Hiring

Jason Putnam, CRO at Plum, talks to Matt Alder

Skills-based hiring is a hot topic as many employers seek to better understand the skills they need in their businesses both now and in the future. With the shelf life of hard skills shortening by the day, companies need to bridge the gap between talent acquisition and talent management to ensure that they are hiring for the skills that actually drive value for the business.

My guest this week is Jason Putnam, CRO at Plum. Jason has tremendous experience in the industry and is continually talking to senior corporate leaders about their skills strategies. He has some interesting and unique insights to share, and this is a must-listen for everyone trying to make sense of skills-based hiring.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • The current market challenges

  • Are companies prioritizing talent management over talent acquisition?

  • How is the relationship between the talent management and talent acquisition function evolving?

  • The shortening shelf life of hard skills and the importance of soft skills

  • The mismatch between the skills employers hire for and the skills they actually value in their organizations

  • Skills and productivity

  • Are mapping skills within the organization necessary or even possible?

  • How job seekers' use of AI will change talent acquisition.

  • What does the future look like

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