Lesson's from Bluey
HR Collection PlaylistApril 19, 202400:39:13

Lesson's from Bluey

This week on TRF we cover:

  • 7 weeks to TATech, Should Serge wear a Bond Tux to MC the event at the International Spy Museum in Washington?

  • Fun private client and friends dinner event with @Plum and coming up.

In The News

  • HiBob launches Bob Hiring

  • Pandlogic and Broadbean become Veritone Hire

  • Try getting a candidate to move cities when they're on a low rate mortgage? The data is showing that's it's nearly impossible.

  • Kenya cracking down on recruitment agencies scamming job seekers

Tip of The Week (Brought to you by Plum)

  • We're not a "family" I think Netflix got it right: it's a professional team. One where colleagues earn a spot by being really good in their given position.

Recruiting insights (Brought to you by Metova)

  • CEO's turnover is huge right now, hitting a record high last year

  • Which candidate attraction channels work best, we dig in

  • HR has a lot of work to do for skills based hiring to succeed.