Empowering Gen Z & Building A Social Brand
HR Collection PlaylistApril 11, 202400:36:07

Empowering Gen Z & Building A Social Brand

Gen Z Influencer Danielle Farage and Recruiter Creator Joel Lalgee speak to Matt Alder live at Transform

A few weeks ago, I spent a couple of days recording at the excellent Transform conference in Las Vegas, and this is the first of two episodes with a complication of some of the conversations I had.

My first guest is Danielle Farage, a renowned Gen Z Futurist, Educator, and Community Builder. Danielle shares her perspective on why it's crucial to give Gen Z a voice and discusses the current employee experience for the newest generation in the workforce.

My second conversation is with Recruiter and Creator Joel Lalgee. Joel talks about his journey to reaching an incredible 600,000 followers across various social media platforms. He shares his insights on how recruiters and employers should use a combination of short-form video and face-to-face experiences to build an influential brand.

Topics we cover:

  • The disconnect between the C-Suite and early career talent

  • Including younger voices in the conversations defining the future of work

  • Advice on building the workforce of the future

  • Helping Gen Z develop their careers is an appropriate way for the times we live in

  • What will work look like in five years?

  • Producing high-quality content for TikTok and Instagram

  • Why TA is missing a massive opportunity

  • Being Omnichannel and building relationships and trust

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