Chasing Chad Sowash
HR Collection PlaylistApril 24, 202400:44:39

Chasing Chad Sowash

In this riveting episode, Chad Sowash is fresh from the disciplinarian delights of the army and has decided that his next battlefield is...podcasting. Brace yourselves for tales of grit and grime that somehow segue into the importance of gap years and personal development.

Chad shares why he traded textbooks for infantry and football for firearms. Get ready for an exploration into the dizzying heights of military discipline, where the only thing more terrifying than the training is Chad's love for it.

As we dive deeper, Chad pontificates on leadership — a topic as vast and unfathomable as his transition from military muscle to corporate crusader. Ever wondered how yelling at people to do push-ups can help you navigate the boardroom? Chad's your guy. He'll also touch on his flirtation with mixed martial arts.

And just when you thought it couldn't get more eclectic, Chad shares his foray into the wild world of podcasting with "The Chad and Cheese Podcast".

Join us as we dissect the life and times of Chad Sowash, a man who's teaching us all that you can take the sergeant out of the military, but you can't take the military out of the podcast. Expect unsolicited advice, bewildering career pivots, and a whole lot of Chad.