Rebounds: The Good, Bad and Ugly
How I Dealt With ItOctober 03, 2019
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Rebounds: The Good, Bad and Ugly

'Okay distraction'- that's how Urban Dictionary defines a rebound. A person, that you "use" to get over someone you broke up with. 

"On their own, rebounds will never be enough. But they can be an okay distraction." Rude! 

But even though rebounds can be awkward; they can also be weirdly comforting. A rebound embraces us when we are at our lowest. Also, they give us validation, at a time when we really really need it! 

But are rebounds a great idea? Or a terrible decision? That's what we are talking about in Episode 9 of How I Dealt With It. Written, hosted and produced by Divyani Rattanpal.