OSINT: The Tools of Truthseeking In The Age of Disinformation
DisinformationApril 23, 202400:39:04

OSINT: The Tools of Truthseeking In The Age of Disinformation

"The silence in these fields is that of a tomb, like sorrow and loss have isolated it from the war around it."

In this episode, host Paul Brandus delves into the world of open source intelligence (OSINT), He discusses its importance in verifying information, especially in the digital era. The episode explores various tools within OSINT, such as social media, geospatial intelligence, and blockchain analytics. Additionally, he discusses the potential risks and pitfalls of over-reliance on OSINT, and the need for careful verification processes.

[00:04:09] Open-source intelligence in investigations.

[00:10:02] YouTube as Google Street View.

[00:19:22] Open source intelligence verification.

[00:26:27] Geospatial intelligence.

[00:36:16] Disinformation campaigns by nation states.

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